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  • 212 901-3818
  • contact@uyaf.org

Application Submission

Submit your OMAP here and without your OMAP applicants, submit the PRE- OMAP application here with your essay, and recommendation letter in PDF file.

Dear Prospective Applicant of UYAF,

Please complete the OMAP application. This is the prerequisite for all subsequent UYAF applications since year 2016.

Pre-OMAP Application – For without OMAP Applicants

Recommendation Letters -(1) one letter – All Applicants

OMAP (1) entry- All UYAF Applicants(Video resume)

Release Form (1) Page- UYAF LEADERSHIP Only

Emergency Contact form (1) Page- UYAF LEADERSHIP Only

Transcript / and or Diagnostic Test Scores- UYAF LEADERSHIP Only

OMAP is the prerequisite for all subsequent UYAF applications for 2017 submissions.

If you have any questions, please view our website, send in your information request at Contact@uyaf.org or call our Admissions Office at 212- 901-3818.

*Age Limit: Please note that applicant entering UYAF Leadership program, UYAF Scholarship must be 10 years old or older by the date of June 1st 2017.

Due dates: The UYAF Scholarship Applicant in year 2017 must submit their Application no later than June 23rd, 2017 and late entry has been extended to September 18th, 2017  with late fee $30 to be considered reviewed or nominated.

Due dates: The UYAF International Competition  2018 applicant must submit their OMAP Application no later than January 24th , 2018  for participants in the region of US and Canada,  January 22nd, 2018 for participants in the region  of Europe, Asia and South America. All their late entrance will be due with late fee $30 to enter the competition.

All UYAF application must be included with the check $150 payable to : United Young Artist Foundation   and mail in with application to:

UYAF Admission Office 

P.O. Box 237048

New York, NY. 10023

 These guidelines apply to all UYAF applicant.


All UYAF Leadership Summer Program Application Due date:

  • April 18th 2017 for : June 23rd  2017 -Summer 2017 (Peak Schedules)



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