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International Competition

International Competition  



UYAF.org is the largest online educational International Competition, one of its collaborators is a certification program at Georgia Institute of Technology.  We hope to make OMAP the world’s leading provider of technology based platform for interviews, portfolios, resumes and competitions, offering assessments that have capacity to cover more than 1,000,000 candidates in 196 countries at the same time.


Our mission is to set the standard and evaluation for online portfolios in every sector. In collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology in hosting OMAP course, we support the goal of ensuring high-quality achievement and learning around the world. 


UYAF OMAP Online Course is at Georgia Institute of Technology.  This is the prerequisite for all subsequent UYAF International Competition applications starting year 2016.



Are You Ready?

We believe that meeting the high demanding classes, sports, after-school activities, and homework keep you busy day and night and to top it off, you must enter the competitions to win. How will you find the time to do it all and do it right? Sometimes it seems too easy, but here is how.

In just 3 weeks, you’ll make your own OMAP:

  1. Fill out a form – UYAF Application (pre-OMAP) – Before taking the OMAP course
  2. List all your talents, achievements and recommendation letters 
  3. Finally, Organize all your requirement and submit your OMAP application.