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Join us for an extraordinary experience of unique learning in the best places of both cultural and academic side of the world. For cultural and challenging immersion programs provide expert instruction, scheduled activities, travel and freedom to foster greater independence and personal growth in leaderships.

Internship: If you are international student participating in the OMAP needs ESL taking, You need to qualify for F-1 student visas as this requires more than 18 hours per week in the classroom and 6 weeks or more to stay.

Apply F-1 to get selected for longer stay for such as ESL program and Internship Program, we recommend to get qualify for F-1 student Visa.

What is an English Learning Program (ESL)?
International Students are defined as students living outside of the United States, has English as a second language.     This may include non-U.S. Citizens that lives outside of US or non US residence who wishes to study in US or other following countries. (US, Canada, or China, Korea, Australia)
We are pleased to be serving more of the academically talented international students and encourage international students to apply early as the programs fill up quickly.
This program is an after school program for young as 13 years old through / Continue Education for young adult professionals that gives students the opportunity to EXPLORE test for High School ISEE, SSAT; while the 9th -12th graders get to experience the ACT or SAT college entrance exam and TOEFL, CET prepare collage entrance or thereafter

Students’ early experience with the exams is helpful in preparing them to all programs. Our participants receive all proven resources and experienced leaderships to assist the student’s personal growth.

UYAF EDUCATION offers opportunities for students to:
• Study advanced academic topics at the UYAF designated campuses throughout the United States and other International cities.
• Attend specialized field studies in the U.S. and throughout the world.
• Volunteer or Internship opportunity for local communities and with self-guided volunteering experiences.
• Learn fascinating subjects combined with technology, computer science and arts from world known professors and teachers at the Ivy-League schools such as Georgia Institute of Technology.

Return home with greater insight into yourself and the world around you!

School online course Georgia Institute of Technology 

Leadership Program (Summer Only)  

Internship Program   

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