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UYAF Leadership Program


  • Start Date:2016-08-01
  • End Date:2016-09-01
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  • Organized by:UYAF
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  • Address:P.O. Box 237048 New York, NY 10023

What is a UYAF Leadership Program?   

UYAF LEADERSHIP Programs are designed to offer the very unique academic challenges that focus on human Behavioral and Social settings for young students and put more efforts to increase leadership role awareness of the influence in both Education and Volunteer Programs. Our program is increasingly influential in advancing the frontiers of the behavior, social development and own futures.

The UYAF study at NASA (US citizens Only) does not only applies and address the best science to the study of young mind and behaviors but, by identifying and broadening potentials, as well as improvements by educating and experiencing in labs, such researched methods with world reknown scientists at NASA, it hopes to improve the role of our future leaders through better education, productive mind, and a clearer understanding of both environments and technology advancement

The UYAF Universities Tour in U.S. program brings discoveries of the world’s most advanced colleges, universities in 10 days. In addition, Visiting world known historic museums, monuments, churches, temples, concert halls, theaters, scenic parks, NASA(in US), and visiting prestigious universities, allow you to make friends that could make most essential life time experiences and quality contacts gained at young ages. Young students will return from an UYAF volunteer programs that allowed both to learn about schools in U.S. and experience broadening horizons, leadership and humanity.

Please ask our representatives for the details about our programs via email : contact@uyaf.org or via phone  212-901-3818  or fax 212 901-3817