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APPLY UYAF Internship 2017


UYAF is seeking motivated and talented students, from age 21 or older, who has an interest in a summer internship at UYAF assisting the OMAP course instructors at Georgia Institute of Technology. 

This Online Media Application Portfolio (OMAP) is designed to give you all of the necessary tools to  promote yourself in a modernized, high technology in digital context production.  This is so much more than just two pages of your resume  or pictures of your work. Upon completion of this OMAP online course  at Georgia Institute of Technology, you will have your own OMAP, your  online portfolio which will showcase your unique work, whatever you meant it to represent you. The course is not limited to any specific  discipline, type, or purpose. We believe that our OMAP course will benefit both students and interns with industry insight through real media production exposure and self marketing tools.

This Internship does not provide compensation for your 4 week internship at GIT however your tuition for OMAP online course is paid in full by UYAF for pre-authorized interns.

OMAP internship program requires one or more of the following qualifications:
• Currently attending a college or university in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate’s degree program preferably in a Computer Graphic, Design, English, Language, Arts, Film, Production, Music, International relations discipline.
• Interested in a career in the Education, Business, Arts, or International Relations.
• Basic English communication skills required, inter-medicate computer proficiency.
• Strong learning skills, motivated, organizational, multi-tasking, attention to detail, and communication skills.
• Prior experience in communicating in English, Arts, or Computer Graphic design is a plus.
• Current college students or above preferred; graduating seniors welcome!

UYAF is currently recruiting interns for the OMAP online course summer  2016 at Georgia Institute of Technology.  Apply for your Internship now!


UYAF Internship Consultation

Our UYAF Internship in the US is to assist students and candidates to maximize their potential by assisting them with any challenges that they may be facing. For International Students: how to find potential sponsorships in the US that best match their individual interests, caliber, social ability and career development.

 Are you an artist? actor?, businessman?, dancer?, designer? chef? engineer?, journalist?, lawyer?, multi-linguist?,  mechanic?, musician?,  singer?,   whatever makes you unique, OMAP will help  packaging your portfolio in the best light. Whatever you do, You will  all benefit from having a polished online portfolio, you can take your  OMAP and post it anywhere you wish! Use OMAP with your website,  Facebook or Youtube and more. OMAP online course at Georgia Institute  of Technology is a certification program.  Have a fun and productive  time with it!

We provide comprehensive career consultation services to ensure candidates are successful in whichever career choices they make. 

The United Young Artist Foundation (UYAF.org) is seeking highly talented and motivated interns for our first Online Media Application Portfolio (OMAP) course at Georgia Institute of Technology. Our Interns will be expected to learn OMAP and assist our instructors at GIT by completing the OMAP online course while developing their own OMAP, their online portfolio showcasing talents. Interns will also earn certification through the Georgia Institute of Technology upon completion.


Accepted Interns can expect:

  • 100% tuition covered by UYAF for OMAP online course at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Upon completion of OMAP course, Certification from the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • You have an option to take course B- for a week in-person(Starts in Spring Break 2017) studying and recording at GIT with full access to the Georgia Institute of Technology’s state-of-the-art TV, recording studios and meet our instructors and guest artists. (You do get to make a choice upon accepted at Internship: GIT Application Fee, GIT lab fee, your travel and meal expenses are not covered).
  • Your own OMAP- online portfolio production upon completion of the OMAP course


Please submit your Internship  at Georgia Institute of Technology for OMAP online course here.

Upon approved: please go to the Georgia Institute of Technology for registrar with your INTERNSHIP CODE that was provided to you. https://pe.gatech.edu/courses/online-media-application-portfolio


Acceptance of Interns will be Notified by UYAF director of Internship in writing from the email : Career@uyaf.org

You will be notified of your acceptance within three business days after the submission of your application to UYAF. There is no additional fee, however when you get accepted for your internship, there is a $150 application fee at the Georgia Institute of Technology for your GIT Certification. The Internship application deadline is October 18, 2016.