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Scholarship Apply

UYAF  Scholarship Apply:


Join us for an extraordinary and rewarding experience by applying UYAF Sponsorships for receiving full scholarships to study OMAP Course at GT and earn your certification at GT. All the participants of UYAF International Competition & UYAF Leadership program must submit your OMAP. This is the prerequisite for all subsequent UYAF applications since 2016.


For challenging immersion categories; Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Technology Computer Science Combined;  judged by industry experts, scholars, world known artists and to be fostered  for greater independence and personal growth. Return home with cash prizes and  UYAF scholarships to enjoy the worldly recognition !


The UYAF nominations of winners and selected scholarship recipients will be announced via emails and post mails.  UYAF will confirm all the final nominees and winners and will be presented at UYAF Awards &  Scholarship Gala on November 10th 2017 at the New York, New York.


The Voices of Leaders members seeking OMAP (Online Media Application Portfolio) discount:

To join our UYAF  Online Media Application Portfolio course  at Georgia Institute of Technology, all Voices of Leaders members must apply through Georgia Institute of Technology registrar with their discount tuition codes. Please click the link below and follow the direction for discount year 2016 and year 2017. Please email us at admission@uyaf.org for requesting discount tuition code information.



Juilliard School Alumni seeking OMAP (Online Media Application Portfolio) scholarship:

To join our UYAF International competition or UYAF Leadership Program or UYAF Online Education at Georgia Institute of Technology, all Juilliard School Alumni must apply through our website to seek their scholarship opportunity. Please click the link below and follow the direction for your scholarship 2016 by emailing us at admission@uyaf.org for requesting your scholarships information.



OMAP (Online Media Application Portfolio) :

UYAF International competition or UYAF Leadership Program, UYAF Dream Star Scholarship, All UYAF program requires your OMAP, the application for OMAP course with a full scholarship (value $1095) is ready for your enrollment, and you must complete the Georgia Institute of Technology registrar to take the course to complete and create your OMAP which is the  UYAF application starting year 2016.  If you do not complete your OMAP for submission, all required information can be submitted manually to the UYAF via email online or mailed to UYAF.