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Sponsors & Partnership

To Partner with UYAF: 

The United Young Artist Foundation supports our partners and sponsors each community leaders and young individual artists through our endowment programs. UYAF hosts UYAF International Competitions (Triennial), Symposiums, partner with Voices of Leaders, Georgia Institute of Technology, Donnay USA, LA Films Productions, JIW Productions ASIA,   collate our UYAF Educational LEADERSHIP Programs with NASA gov.

 UYAF Annual Awards & Scholarship Gala, UYAF Annual Conference(s), UYAF silent Auction are included for supporting and sponsoring young professionals, young students,  smaller organizations, community leaders, and young individual artists through Competitions, Endowment programs and Bestowed Reserve Award/Sponsor Programs.


Bestowed Reserve Award/Sponsor Programs:

If you are looking to sponsor any of the individual categories created or grouped by organizational support, The United Young Artist Foundation can help provide the sponsorships on behalf of your organization. These Bestowed Reserve Award Programs relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help those programs in need. You don’t need to create another foundation for each award nomination or nomination categories. Please contact us with your letter of interest and your contact information. Our counsel member will review the information and will contact your organization.

The United Young Artist Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help those programs in need. No contribution is too small to

For more information on the United Young Artist Foundation and how to support our great cause, please e-mail contact@uyaf.org.

To Our Special Featured Partner

Voices of Leaders

Voices of Leaders is the first data-driven Business Network, partner with CEOs, post & pitch to opportunities before traveling or meeting at events. Members of Voices of Leaders CEOs wishing to be part of the symposium as speakers, and/or to apply for the OMAP hybrid online course, may attend by registering as members on Voices of Leaders platform first. Use code VLOMAP to get 50% off for the course: https://pe.gatech.edu/courses/online-media-application-portfolio-online Georgia Tech´s OMAP program can help you create an online portfolio with a unique personality that expresses your body of work.

-Advanced technology to Stream your Video channel for 24/7 Educational Program
-Target by age, gender, location, interests, and more.
-Content Integration
-Get noticed, not skipped, .
-Individualized Professional Online Portfolio ( OMAP Creator)
-Buy clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM).
-Trusted Referrals
-Attach artist-to-artists interactions about your business to your ads.
-For Better Business Solutions contact@uyaf.org
-For technical support Team support@uyaf.org

Thank you for supporting UYAF through your frequent visits to this website, your membership, and your strong sponsorship support.

Endowment Program:

To partner with us:

The United Young Artist Foundation established an Endowment program with a variety of opportunity to connect and benefit both young artists and institutional donors from each opportunity UYAF presents in worldwide.

Providing an opportunity to present young artists’ “talents” and, the donors invests in the world tour concerts, International festivals, International conferences, and world tour of many educational events, your organization and artists both links to our program of excellence.

International Endowment Program Schedules 20016-2018

The recognition from these endowment programs provide a kind of immortality, maestro level of exposures and impacts to each Artists, youth and general public, certainly both Artists and Donors play a key role in supporting UYAF endowment programs ‘s rich cultural heritage now known or hereafter devised.

All endowment programs will be named accordingly to serve the benefit of its mission, time and perpetually be identified by the name of the Endowment program and venues to establish a firm financial base respond to community needs and desires USING ALL THE DIFFERENT TACTICS at our disposal to develop extensive educational mission that UYAF hopes to accomplish.

For  our endowment programs, please contact us at: endowment@uyaf.org