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Summer Schedule 2017

UYAF Schools and Leadership Programs


UYAF would like to challenge you to spend your vacation time in United States of America or Asia, Lain America, Africa and Europe for UYAF Leadership programs that will allow you to open up your vision and develop leadership in academically and socially and feel inspired to reach new horizon of your future.

Led by a dynamic team of world-class scholars, artists, teachers, scientist, social leaders and directors that help consists our programs to focus on everything from language immersion to college admissions and discovering more of yourself by entering our leadership programs.


Summer 2017 in US!

Make the most of your summer with UYAF Leadership summer program!

Join a community of gifted and talented students and experience the academic challenges as well as leadership geared toward exceptional volunteers and social settings. Students can learn from expert instructors while experiencing the world by volunteering at International and local communities and enhancing the leadership abilities.

UYAF Leadership offers opportunities for students to:

  • Study advanced and world leading projects at the UYAF designated institutions worldwide in the following subjects: Science, Technologies, Sports and Arts but not limited to.
  • Attend specialized conferences, work-shops, and field studies in the U.S. and throughout the world.
  • Volunteer for local communities and with self-guided discovery through volunteering experiences.
  • Exchange, meet and network among fascinating individuals from world’s institutions, professions, societies and countries.

UYAF Leadership program ensures that students can continue to be challenged academically as well as Leaderships in UYAF Internship programs through world leading institute worldwide.

Science Technology Focus discovery (2): (2016-2017)

Age Group: 12-18
Where: NASA/ D.C., Virginia, Florida in US (Citizen of US Only)
Duration: (10) Ten Days
Dates:  6/20-6/29 Closed.  7/5-7/14 Open, 7/18-7/27 Full, 6/6-7/1 Open, 6/6-7/8 Full, 7/18-8/12 Full, 7/18-8/19 Open.

Starting 2016, UYAF have decided to merge our Leadership program at NASA with our OMAP course at GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Therefore, we allow the qualified Leadership at NASA program candidates to join OMAP hybrid, online course in year 2016 and year 2017. There are schedule changes and updates to be made at given times, so please consult your UYAF representative with more details for your schedule.

College & Universities History (2): Travel & Visit ; Volunteer 50 hours (2016)

Age Group: 14-18, 19– adults
Where: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Boston in US
Duration: (10) Ten Days
Dates: 7/27-8/05, 8/06-8/1, 01/04- 01/13 , 4/09- 4/18

Online Media Application Portfolio: (Technology arts International Online Program) (2016)

Age Group: 12-18, and 19-28
Where: Georgia Institute of Technology (Certification program) in Atlanta, GA. and NASA in US
Duration: 4 wks.= 3online +1 wk. at GIT Class  or  5w
ks.= 3wks. online + 6 days at GIT site +4 days at NASA
Dates: 6/6-7/1, 7/1-7/29,  6/6-7/8, 7/18-8/12, 7/18-8/19(NASA Combined)

UYAF Leadership Progam Scholarship Application

The main purpose of the UYAF Leadership Program Scholarship Application:

UYAF LEADERSHIP Programs are designed to offer a Global Leadership and an Academic/Talent challenges. These programs help talented students to find out their true potentials and abilities which traditional schooling tests often fail to measure. By taking UYAF advanced leadership course (at least one year above the student’s current grade placement) through submitting the following test scores, UYAF can determined the qualifications of gifted students and they can receive the appropriate level of Leadership program and curriculums.

By students’ early experience with the college entrance exam can also be helpful in preparing them to take it in high school. All UYAF programs participants receive UYAF world leading resources and experiences from UYAF professionals to assist the student’s personal growth in his or her potentials.


UYAF Leadership Scholarship Application:

In addition to your OMAP submission (UYAF Application), UYAF LEADERSHIP Programs also request of the following test scores in the two different levels, which have different levels of requirements for Scholarship Application, please review the tests’ score requirements.

6th through 9th graders:   ISEE, or SHSAT, PSAT

10th through 12th graders: SAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT II, TOEFL

These required exam scores are to give young students the opportunity to EXPLORE standardized tests for ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT or PSAT; while the 10th through 12th graders get to experience the ACT, TOEFL or SAT college entrance exam.