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Symposiums at Georgia Institute of Technology

Consultative or Partnership Status with the United Nations, NASA, Georgia Institute of Technology and VOICES OF LEADERS

UYAF Symposiums at Georgia Institute of Technology with VOICES OF LEADERS

When: Tuesday, September 13th 2016  through  Thursday, October 20th 2016

Where: Georgia Institute of Technology Main campus  ( Inside the Barnes & Nobles  Hall)

Time: 10am through  3:00pm ( each session is about 50 min.)

Where: Atlanta Main Campus at Georgia Institute of Technology in Georgia, U.S.

UYAF would like to invite you to our symposiums to spend your precious time in the Atlanta Campus at Georgia Institute of Technology in Georgia, U.S. to explore your educational programs hosting at United States, Africa, Asia, Latin, or European countries for co-educational volunteering programs that will allow you to open up your vision and develop leadership both academically and socially and to feel inspired to reach new horizons in your future. 

Our symposiums are led by a dynamic team of world-class scholars, artists, teachers, scientist, social leaders and directors. Starting with  our media partner, VOICES OF LEADERS our programs to focus on everything from social media immersion to college admissions and career discovering leadership with CEO’s, more of yourself by entering our symposiums in year 2016. 

Voices of Leaders is the first data-driven Business Network, partner with CEOs, post & pitch to opportunities before traveling or meeting at events. Members of Voices of Leaders CEOs wishing to be part of the symposium as speakers, and/or to apply for the OMAP online course, please contact us at contact@uyaf.org

For our exclusive OMAP course partners: Voices of Leaders members can use code UYAFOMAP to get 50% off for the course: https://pe.gatech.edu/courses/online-media-application-portfolio-online Georgia Tech´s OMAP program can help you create an online portfolio with a unique personality that expresses your body of work.

Volunteer with UYAF: Work With At-Risk Children and Youth Worldwide.

All UYAF Co-Educational Volunteer programs center around educational programs to enhance the quality of educational surroundings for children, youth, and adults living with limited resources. You can help with educational projects either through “hands-on” classroom teaching, or by providing institutional needs in the form of materials or even classrooms. Additionally, many Co-Educational Volunteer programs enable you to participate or assist in researching and servicing orphanages, child-care centers and health clinics. In these settings, simply watching, caring, listening, holding, teaching and providing individual attention can significantly improve these childrens’ well-being. We collaborate these volunteer programs with UN and BooksnPillows.org

You can do this!  Please see these details about opportunities to volunteer for children and youth.