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  • 212 901-3818
  • contact@uyaf.org


UYAF Leadership Program tuition

and material fee($1,125) includes the following items;

  • Orientation
  • Course tuition
  • Textbooks
  • Workshops
  • T-shirts

Accommodation: Housing or Hotel stays

Transportation: Airport pick-up & drop-off and pick up from UYAF Housing facility Food: Breakfast Only.

Emergency ID: The Student Care ID is provided and covers for all our enrolled students. The Student Care includes emergency medical Information and contact availability at 24 hour assistance.

Orientation: Includes T-shirts, city map, UYAF Membership ID -emergency card ,Contact Phone emergency number, local Taxi phone numbers, local restaurants information, public transportation tour guides, and welcome package with Breakfast. (For 2016 accepted candidates,  include special Badge from Georgia Institute of Technology, and T shirt with NASA Logo, UYAF Logo and Georgia Institute of Technology)

UYAF dedicated staff members will be available on call at anytime day or night

Housing Fees are as follows: UYAF Housings are available for enrolled students and staffs of UYAF educational – Leadership program.

USD (residents in U.S.A.)

USD (International)

USD (International)






10 Days



$3,800 *(Promotion)

$4,200 *(Promotion)

Early Application





Peak: June 2nd through September 1st
Off Peak: September 21st through June 1st

Program Schedule dates:

  • 6/26/2017 -7/21/2017,   8/5/2017 -9/1/2017   (Peak Schedule)
  • 4/11/2017- 5/2/2017  (Off Peak Schedule)


Prospective Applicant:  

UYAF LEADERSHIP & UYAF Dream Star Dream Tree Scholarship, Please complete its application OMAP( Online Media Application Portfolio), this is the prerequisite for all subsequent UYAF applications starting for 2016 submissions or if you have no access to OMAP, please follow the direction as listed below.


Direction on how to Apply:  

OMAP or Pre-OMAP Application (3) Pages- All UYAF Applicants

Recommendation Letters -(1) one letter -All UYAF Applicants

Release Form (1) Page- UYAF LEADERSHIP Only

Emergency Contact form (1) Page- UYAF LEADERSHIP Only

Transcript /or Diagnostic Test Scores – UYAF LEADERSHIP Only