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UYAF Competition 2016-2018

UYAF International Competition 2016-2018

UYAF International  competition    If your age is between 10 and 23, you are  eligible to enter. Feel free to enter the combination of arts ( Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Technology Arts – Combined All) competition as well, or submit  more than one entry. The categories of Competitions are Visual Arts, Performing Arts  and Technology Arts that are divided into  two parts by age group, juniors (10-16) &  seniors (17-23). 

The Countries lists with the schedules are as follows:  July 2018- in Georgia, U.S.A.  August 2018- in Shenzhen, China.  September 2018- in Paris, France.  October 2018 – in Panama City, Panama.  Several sub categories will be divided once we collect  them, though you don’t need to be attending school to enter.

The requirement is OMAP: This is the prerequisite for all subsequent UYAF applications starting for 2016 submissions.  Please check out the Georgia Institute of Technology website for OMAP online course availability.


Award Ceremony 2013

UYAF CEO -Sonia Yi, Tribune President- Michael Nussbaum, New York Congressman- Grace Meng and Fountain House Comptroller- Lisa Tai  (Left to Right)




UYAF Award Gala – Dr. Eric Schultz




UYAF Award Gala – M.C. Sean Summers(Actor)




UYAF Award Gala